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Works for all soil types and sizes

A soil test is the best investment you can make as a farmer.


We help that investment go further.

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You will get detailed reporting on your soil test results along with a customized plan to increase soil and crop health.

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You can easily buy the exact quantities of any materials that you need through a single click.

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Why SOIl test?

Testing your soil is the best investment you can make on your farm. You’ll learn what your soil mineral excesses and deficiencies are so that you can grow healthier crops.

I have a large plot of land and have / want multiple tests

Multiple tests are a good idea if you have large acreage, varied fields, or separate crop types. Just submit multiple tests to us and we’ll take care of it!


We are a group of experienced agronomists and soil enthusiasts looking to help you grow in healthy native soils. Our team has over a decade of experience dealing with high value crops in large and small production systems.


No problem – we are happy to offer you reduced pricing on Logan Labs testing services. Click here to buy. If you need multiple tests to get an accurate representation of your land, simply purchase your desired quantity of tests.


Once you submit your tests to us we will get back to you within 48 hours (likely sooner). If you submit new samples to Logan Labs it can take up to 10 days for them to send us the results after they receive your samples.

What soil fertility theory are you using?

Our goal is crop nutrient density – we balance the soil macro and micro mineral component and focus on stimulating the proper soil biology to convert the minerals to plant-usable form. With more nutritious crops you will have less issues with pests and disease, longer shelf life, higher quality tasting and smelling harvests, as well as a product that is actually significantly better for the end consumer!



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